You get up early in the morning thinking that today is a new day. It’s fresh start and nothing, absolutely NOTHING is going to ruin it. But then suddenly, the universe conspires against you and your smartphone tags along. The result: tiny tragedies like these that kill your happiness and destroy even the best of your days.

1. When you forget to put your phone on Wi-Fi and end up burning your data while streaming videos.

2. When you plug in your phone to the charger and realize hours later that you forgot to switch it on.

3. It’s even worse when you realize it the next day!

4. When you get on the treadmill only to ask yourself the life-threatening question, “Where the hell are my headphones?!”

5. When this happens.

6. Or, this.

7. Or, God forbid… THIS!

8. When you are eagerly expecting a callback from someone but your phone vibrates only to show “Low Battery.”

9. And just in case if you have to leave your house like that.

10. When the damn auto-correct changes “garage” to “grave” in a text and you press SEND.

11. When you are about to click a perfect group photograph and your phone says… MEMORY FULL! DELETE SOME DATA.

12. When the navigation app takes you into an unknown street and then a network error occurs.

13. When you can’t find your charger and your phone’s like…

14. When you sit on the commode and realize that you’ve forgotten your phone.

15. When you are wiping the screen and the phone slips out of your hand.

We don’t know about the other tragedies, but with the waterproof Sony Xperia Z3+ you will never have to worry about lag, low battery or water-spills ever again.

All gifs, unless explicitly mentioned, have been sourced from giphy.