Being a creative person is like being a superhero. It’s because you have the power to look at things in a way which the others just can’t. It’s because you can combine two very ordinary things and then create something extraordinary. It’s because you can, right now, at this very moment, be thinking about something else even while reading this.

But despite being a superhero, life isn’t really easy for you. And that’s because, as Uncle Ben said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” In your case, it also comes with these great problems:

1. Inspiration hits you when you least expect it…

2. And sometimes, even in really awkward situations.

3. But whenever an idea strikes, you have an irresistible urge to write it down or doodle it.


Seriously, anywhere.

4. Deadlines are like the end of the world for you.

But there is no greater satisfaction than finishing on time.

5. You are often found guilty of doodling instead of taking notes in a meeting.

6. You have your own brand of humour which most people describe as WEIRD.

7. Your world comes crashing down whenever somebody takes credit for or steals your idea.

And you are all like…

8. You get really excited about the tiniest of details.

9. If you are in a creative field sometimes, it gets really tough to explain to others that you actually have a job.

10. Creative block is the worst thing. EVER!

11. Unfortunately, some people really don’t get that.

12. It’s hard for you to deal with criticism.

13. Especially, when it comes from a lay man.

14. Often p eople understand that you are not procrastinating by taking long walks or looking outside of the window.

15. You’ve been an oddball all your life…

16. But that’s okay, because you can never stand out if you try to fit in.

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