We come across some very weird headlines on a daily basis, and incidents that are like mysteries. And there’s yet another one of those, associated with a man and momos. The incident has turned into a case which is yet to be examined. But here’s what has happened so far.

Jammu Virasat

A man named Nishant Kumar, a resident of Bhagalpur district, was visiting his in laws’ house for a wedding, but he disappeared in January. This turned into an investigation, and Nishant’s family accused his brother-in-law, Ravi Shankar of kidnapping and murder.

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Recently, Ravi Shankar found Nishant Kumar at a momos stall in Noida. This happened when he saw a person in rugged clothes asking for momos, and so Ravi felt sorry for him and bought him some momos to eat. When he asked the person his name, he introduced himself as Nishant Kumar – and Ravi was left shocked.

Bihar man
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The police is investigating the case, and there’s no clarity on how he reached Delhi. And this specific incident seems like a mystery with a lot to unravel.