We talk about momos a lot. But as something that represents the eating habits of an entire city, it deserves that kind of attention. So, we’ll talk about momos. The thing about these tiny pockets of fillings, is that we all have memories attached to them. It’s like we had golgappe and then momos swooped in and changed our entire food palate. Sure, it’s basically just kacha maida but if we were to give it some nuance, it’s also a conversation starter outside tuition classes or an ice-breaker on a low-key first date (outside the tuition, again).

Fusions In Momos
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Yes, momo is a feeling. And yes, I’m over-exaggerating things and giving momos a lot more nuance than they have to offer, but what the hell? So, as someone who literally grew around the evolution of momos, and things that they’re capable of, it’s also heart-breaking to see HOW they ‘evolved’. What started out as a steamed, easy to eat, shaam-ka-nashta, has turned into an elaborate meal which is cooked with every damn method. Not cool. It’s like watching Sanjana’s transformation montage from Main Hoon Na. Did we need it? No. Did they do it? Yes.


Also, what is this desi obsession of fusing everything with everything else? We saw how things went with Maggi. And instead of treating it as a cautious tale, here we are, ruining momos. So we’ve got tandoori, afghani, pan-fried, kurkure, achari, and whatnot. All these momos and their sub-types just sit there with no personality of their own. Because, after eventually being cooked, there’s no original flavour left. I want to taste my OG kacha maida and filling. And sure, mom thinks it’s a toxic trait because I know it’s unhealthy. But has that ever stopped any of us? With these new varieties we only get to taste the coating, which is nothing like a momo!


Seriously, the moment they decided to masala-coat momos, everything went to hell. And it’s not just the flavour that’s bothering. For any indecisive person, this is like an added trouble, because having to choose from this long list of momos is so much pressure. By the time I decide, it’s time for dinner. Of course, I’m also never happy with my choice. So what is the point?

I also think fusions are overrated, in general. I mean, why mix two absolutely normal things and turn them into one confusing dish? And if you’re going to support it for momos, here’s a fact – chocolate momo is a fusion too. But clearly, no one’s taking the hint.

Chocolate Momo
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Many will say that this is a rant, but there are logistics involved. If you’ve seen and had momos-wali-chutney, you know it doesn’t go with everything. It’s spicy and red, which was meant to go with basic flavours and not with the tadkas that they’ve started adding to momos.

To be very honest, everything tastes the same these days – chowmein samosa is basically spring roll, fried momos taste like samosa, and so on. And that’s not okay. They’re taking away the heart of our favourite things and I was fine with it till one point. But then things just kept getting weirder, and there’s no stopping. And come on, do you really like the taste or is it just peer pressure?

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So, we need to appreciate the simpler things, even if that means eating steamed momos for the rest of our lives.