When the final trailer for Adipurush was released, the makers requested theatre owners to keep an empty seat to pay respect to Lord Hanuman. There were also rumours that followed up after this announcement, that said that the seats around it would be expensive. Now that the film has released in theatres, people are keen on spotting that seat.

Lord Hanuman seat at theatres showing Adipurush

Apparently, people are taking pictures whilst sitting next to this seat, and uploading it on the internet. Others are also offering prayers. There’s a lot of emotion, and this is the first time we’ve witnessed something like this in theatres.

However, a man was also attacked for occupying this seat that was left empty to pay respect. Reportedly, the viewer mistakenly occupied the said seat, and people in the theatre started beating him. To calm the situation, the staff had to step in and ask people to settle down. The act of leaving an allocated space is a symbol for makers and now, even the audiences. But there is a better to way to ask people to vacate a seat, instead of choosing violence.

TW: Violence

Theatres are choosing different ways to represent and decorate this seat for Lord Hanuman.