The Israel-Palestine conflict that is going on in the Gaza Strip is nothing short of devastating and news reporters who are reporting from the ground are sharing heartbreaking stories.

Indian news channels are also reporting about the conflict but one Hindi news channel, in particular, took a very disgusting approach. The channel strapped its reporter on a paraglider and they tried to demonstrate how an air strike took place in Israel. The reporter went to Haryana’s Manesar and hopped on a paraglider to present the report.

The text on the screen reads, “Khel ka ek upkaran kaise ban gaya atank ka hathiyar?“. Behind the reporter, you can see the professional steering the paraglider. With a selfie stick in hand that had their camera in place, the reporter delivered the news. On the other hand, multiple reports have stated that the videos that allegedly show Hamas militants paragliding into Israel are false.

People took to the internet to comment on how unethical and unnecessary this whole demonstration was. Here’s what they have to say.

In a bid to chase TRPs, Hindi news channels are reaching new lows with every report.