Some of us have a weekly ritual for the last day of the weekend called Sunday Scaries. It’s the time of the week dedicated to marvelling at how fast the weekend passed by and gulping the fact we’d have to spend another five days dealing with never-happy clients and extended screen time. We may have generalised some of our professions here, but you know the feeling, especially if you are working for a corporate and ‘corporate slave’ memes on Sunday evenings feel max relatable to you. 

Monday  Corporate Slaves

The jitters of Monday Blues come a day in advance. The prolonged task list you postponed on Friday for the next week feels heavier than ever. The upcoming project deadline steals away the joy of sharing a happy cup of coffee with your partner.

Healthline defines Sunday Scaries as “a form of anticipatory anxiety. It involves nervousness and dread about something that hasn’t happened yet: the week ahead.” It can manifest as restlessness and irritability.

Sunday Scaries

To combat this general unease around the first day of the week, a new workplace trend has come into being. It’s called ‘Bare Minimum Mondays.’

According to a report by LadBible, an Australian marketing manager Caitlin Winter is already employing it in her team. The trend is all about having a simpler or gentle start to the week. While it can be unique for every team, it’s basically about working from home on Mondays (or like a half day) without a meeting, giving space for the team to prepare for the upcoming week. It’s like an ordinary weekday without much stress. 

Bare Minimum Mondays Australian Boss
Australian boss, Caitlin Winter, who talked about ‘Bare Minimum Mondays’ | Instagram / @caitlinjwinter

The Australian marketing manager spoke to about ‘Bare Minimum Mondays’. She said it’s “a way for staff to take their day at their own pace and to treat themselves with ‘space and kindness’ to set up for a productive week.

“It is simply a day where we work from home, don’t schedule any meetings and generally just treat ourselves with a little more space and kindness to set up for a productive week ahead”, she added.

“For us, it means not putting pressure on ourselves to get those big projects done.”

Happy Employees
Photo by William Fortunato | Pexels

Adding to this, she said, “Other things that we might get to do on these days are loads of washing we didn’t get to on the weekend, grocery shopping, planning dinners for the week or walking your dog. For one member of my team, it means being able to drop off and pick up her kids from school which she is unable to do during the week.”

Sounds dreamy? Turns out, social media has already been talking about this new trend and the opinions are divided.

What do you think about this?

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