As ‘Peak Bengaluru‘ moments keep occurring every now and then, today, we have some ‘bored’ kids from Indiranagar who are capitalising on their boredom through a small business opportunity they saw in setting up a handmade lemonade stall.

A now-viral tweet shared by Twitter user Aayushi Kuchroo (@KuchrooAayushi) shows a group of children sitting outside a residential society with their study tables transformed into a makeshift stall.

Their hand-written menu notes lemonades in different flavours, including, ‘White Sugar Lemonade’, ‘Brown Sugar Lemonade’, ‘Plain Lemonade’, and ‘Salted Lemonade’, now-costing ₹10 each. They’re offering ₹5 discount on every purchase and a ₹5 charge on requesting ice. They also have a small box to collect and store money.

bengaluru kids lemonade stall

The viral tweet is generating a lot of buzz on the Internet. Twitter is divided.

There are people who’re noting their privilege and how it has a role to play in the acknowledgement they’re receiving. If the same venture were to be set up by underprivileged children for actually making a living, they might have been ignored or not allowed in the first place.

Many others are lauding their unique experiment and calling them budding entrepreneurs.

What do you think of this?