At times, my father used to donate to fundraisers and he would always check the attached documents before making a payment. I always used to wonder why he did it because no one would lie about these things, right? Turns out, I was wrong.

In a shocking scam, a woman with multiple identities, has duped several people on the internet with her fake stories. She went to great lengths to lie – which included her own fake death! Read on to know about this mind-boggling story.


Cow Momma, a social media account, shared a series of tweets that explained the scam and saved several others from getting scammed. Let’s take a look at the events.

Sanchayita Bhattacharjee, who was also known as Sanchayita R Lenin, claimed to be an orphaned adivasi vegan activist and had stage-4 cancer. On multiple occasions, she raised funds for herself and her ‘friends’. This made her receive sympathy from several people on the internet.

However, the facade crumbled when her actual friends revealed her false identities, fabricated activism and even her fake death. If the claims are to be believed, her friends understood her scheme when they delved into the authenticity of her proclaimed cancer diagnosis. 

According to the thread, the discrepancies in her medical documents led to the discovery. She had forged her biopsy results by manipulating her old dengue test report. She altered details such as her name and age. Astonishingly, her reports from Gauhati Medical College were found to be baseless upon investigation.

Her friend, in a detailed video, talked about her gradual realization of her friend’s deceit, including her battle with cancer. She even faked her own death, but she is very much alive and well.

Individuals who had generously donated to her fundraisers were shocked and hurt. 

Author Rheea Mukherjee and animal rights activist Ankur disclosed how they were deceived by Sanchayita’s claims of cancer that got her immense financial support.

Later, the formerly dead came back to life to explain how she was alive and her lawyer dad, who was also formerly dead, is looking into the matter. 

Someone also pointed out that when she checked her name on a mobile payment application, her name appeared as Sanchayita Bhattacharjee – not Ruth, Lenin or Murmu.

In shocking turn of events, someone mentioned that even though Sanchayita Bhattacharjee was not a sex worker, she encouraged several vulnerable women and queer people to become sex workers.

Even though there has been no formal inspection by the authorities yet, people were shocked by her fake narratives. Take a look:

It’s unbelievable how someone can go to these lengths to deceive innocent people. This incident would make people think twice before donating their hard-earned money to genuine fundraisers in the future. And that’s simply unfortunate.