We encounter just too many scams these days. It’s almost as if there’s a sense of paranoia attached to most things, because you never know what (or who) can be trusted. This is even with the names of bigger brands, which somehow makes it scarier. For instance, the recent FedEx scam is something that will leave you wondering about a lot of things.


In a recent case, a man from Gurugram lost 56 lakhs to a scammer. However, this wasn’t a one time thing. In a similar incident, a woman, named Rima, received a call from a supposed customer care executive. The caller stated that a package from Taipei (Taiwan) from Mumbai was stopped by the customs, given the contents in the package.


She was told that the parcel contained passports, credit cards, a laptop and other questionable items. The caller went on to share her Aadhaar number and address, which further made the incident sound true. Later, the executive mentioned that they’d be connecting Rima to the concerned police department. This went on for a while, and she was later asked to transfer ₹98,989 to the financial department’s system ID.

“Please find a quiet space and do not connect with anyone until this is completed. It is for your safety. Otherwise, we will not be able to relieve you.”

The officer said.
FedEx Call Scam

A number of other people on the internet shared receiving similar calls.

Please be careful, it’s a scary world out there.