What do you think are rich people’s hobbies? Maybe doing charity, buying rare art, socialising, or just going on luxurious trips- If you ask me, be it any hobby, it will include spending truckloads of money. Someone on Reddit asked what hobbies rich people have, and we got some best responses.

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1. “I work for Porsche. Many clients have racetrack memberships where they garage their cars and have track days. $80-90k initiation fee, $10k annual fee for some memberships.”


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2. “Yachting” and “wine tasting”. I’m a partner at a law firm and we see these mentioned all the time on resumes from prospective associates who want to convey that they’re the “right people”. And yes, I dock them points.”


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3. “Ballroom Dancing. Which is interesting because it’s an expensive hobby even though the actual act of doing it is completely free if you want it to be.”


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4.” Hobbies that require a major investment before you can even start doing them. Examples include skiing, waterskiing, golf, and anything involving a horse.”


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5.” When people tell me they are taking an extended period of time off work to go “traveling”. Almost doesn’t matter where, but bonus points if it is skiing or some other hobby with a big buy-in.”


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6. “We had a meet and greet with a new executive at my company and she told us one of her hobbies is “investing in real estate.”


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7. “My neighbor is a yachtsman who makes a middle-class living racing rich people’s yachts. So, I would say hiring people to indulge your hobbies is about as 1 percent as one can get.”


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8. “GT Racing/Rally racing. Building a race car is expensive. The consumables are expensive, e.g. a set of tires costs thousands and last a few laps. Rally racing has a high likelihood of crashes which require on-the-spot repairs.”


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9. “Going on vacations to different countries and then just lounging around the hotel and pool aka doing the stuff you could at home.”


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10. “Philanthropy is the biggest hobby of the “rich”, especially if they are part of a foundation that bears their last name. Of course, they always want their name to be a part of it.”


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11. “Dressage. You won’t know what this is. Because you aren’t even rich enough to know that it exists. Let alone have it as a hobby.”


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12. “I know a few very rich people. They have proudly remarked they do not have hobbies. They would rather be working. One said she liked shopping. Don’t really consider that a hobby.”


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13. “Boating. The common saying is a boat is a hole in the water you throw money into. Also, you get 2-foot cities. The boat you want is always 2 feet longer than the one you have.”


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14. “Going to Disneyland all the fucking time. It always pisses me off, why waste that much money on something that you can never take home? You can make memories right there at home without all the corporate propaganda and fake smiles.”


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15. “If they opened a business just to satisfy their “passion” itch with no real vision or purpose of selling or growing anything. Example: they opened a special store in some expensive neighborhood selling moon rocks or some CBD infused mattress (anything really) that sells for like $3,000 each and they sell like two a year.”


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