India hosted the Miss World pageant in 1996, and after all this time, we’re getting to do it again, this year. The official dates for the event haven’t been announced yet, but it will probably take place in November 2023. This will be the 71st edition of the pageant – where the current Miss India World, Sini Shetty, will represent India in the competition.

Sini Shetty
Hindustan Times

Like always, the event will feature a series of competitions that focus on talent showcases, sports and charitable initiatives. And all of this aims to represent the competitors as ambassadors of change. The competition will focus on contestants from over 130 countries, and their one-month journey across India.

“I am so excited to meet all my sisters across the globe to welcome them to India to show them what India truly stands for, what India is, what is the diversity in India… I am really excited and looking forward to this journey. I hope you guys have the best time here in India.”

Sini Shetty
Miss World 2023

As India gets to host the Miss World after a gap of 27 years, Miss World organization shared some details in a press conference. The CEO, Julia Morley also shared the culture and diversity in India is something that they’re excited to witness and share with the rest of the world.

India to host the pageant
The Hindu

India has won the Miss World title six times.