I once had a flight delay and had to wait for about five hours at the airport. I’m sure that most of us have experienced this, and were all tired and agitated with the obstruction. Nevertheless, we kept our calm and waited for the next available flight, which is the bare minimum.

However, this concept is lost on many people evidently. In a shocking incident, a man hit a co-pilot as he was making the delay announcement to all the passengers on board.


The video of the incident, which was taken by another passenger on the plane, went viral on the internet. 

In the video, a passenger in a yellow hoodie was seen running up to the co-pilot and hitting him in rage as he was making a delay announcement. The incident took place in Delhi-Goa flight 6E 2175.

After the incident, the airlines filed a complaint against the accused. The Delhi Police said that a legal action would be taken against the passenger.

“Anup Kumar, Co-Pilot – Flight No 6E2175, and security came to the Police Station and gave a complaint regarding one passenger named Sahil Katriya, who assaulted and misbehaved with him on a flight which was set to fly from Delhi to Goa. He misbehaved in flight and hit the co-pilot. In this regard, a complaint was filed. On the basis of the complaint, a case vide FIR no 32/24 u/s 323/341/290 IPC and 22 aircraft rules has been registered and an investigation has been taken up.”

In another video, the passenger was seen apologizing when he was being taken under custody.

The airline has established an internal committee to investigate and resolve the incident, directing the matter to the committee for review and action.

The internet was displeased with the passenger’s actions and here’s what they had to say about the entire incident:


On Monday, numerous flights experienced delays in Northern India due to foggy conditions. Subsequently, the co-pilot and crew were replaced in adherence to Flight Duty Time Limitations (FDTL) regulations, following significant hours of delay.