The entire Seema-Sachin debacle was surrounded with opinions, too many opinions. In between national issues, there were debates and interviews about the ‘love-story’ on news channels at prime time. So much so, that a neighbour who talked about it, went viral for how she presented her opinion. This is about the ‘jhingur sa Sachin’ dialogue – and of course, the woman who coined it.

Mitlesh Bhati

Mitlesh Bhati, who was asked to comment on the Seema-Sachin love story, shamed Seema for choosing Sachin. She had said, and I quote, “Lappu sa Sachin hai, jhingur sa ladka hai, usse pyaar karegi wo?”. People made memes, videos, music videos and content around this one comment. NOW, after all the fame, Mitlesh Bhati has her own Instagram page where she creates content.

The neighbour has also been doing paid promotions, and she’s turned an influencer after being recognized for her opinion. It’s surprising and almost fascinating that content creation is a way to access opportunities that may be far-fetched for some people. This one case, however, is problematic as well. We literally orchestrated an insensitive opinion to a point that it is being recognized as CONTENT. This is clearly spiraling into more problematic content:

I mean, good for her, but it’s so scary that we find insensitivity funny; and the mere fact that content has come down to mockery and roasts is questionable.

It takes one video to get famous these days, which is both exciting and scary.