Relationships are nice and all, but they can easily get clingy, especially when couples do EVERYTHING together. And people often come up with interesting activities for dates or to keep that spark alive. Apparently, someone thought pooping together could make it to the list.

The love toilets by TwoDaLoo

After a Saturday Night Live (SNL) parody commercial, double toilets got a lot of attention and people started coming up with memes around them. Now, we know about a company that had introduced twin toilets, for couples to do everything together, literally.

Saturday Night Live

TwoDaLoo, the company that turned this idea into a reality, sold them for $1,400 when it was live. Apparently, these commodes also saved money on water flushes – some even had a TV and iPod docking station attached to them. And seriously, we do not know how to feel about these lovers’ toilets.

The internet has mixed feelings too.

If this is love…