Remember the miracle baby girl who was rescued after being buried under rubble for 128 hours after the Turkey earthquake? Well, there’s some good news. She is finally being reunited with her mother after 54 days.

Her mother, Yaseming Besdag, who was initially thought to have died in the earthquake that killed around 50,000 people in Turkey, is still being treated for her injuries in the city of Adana.

turkey earthquake baby reunited with mother

The baby girl was called Gizem, which means “mystery” in Turkish, by the social workers and was being put under State’s care. When a family member approached the official, a DNA test was done which showed that Yaseming was the mother.

In a video shared by Turkey’s Minister of Family and Social Services, Derya Yanik, the baby girl can be seen reuniting with her mother after almost two months.

Derya Yanki can be seen personally taking care of the baby and helping her unite with her mother.

“54 days of longing is over. Vetin Begdaş, who was rescued from the wreckage after 128 hours and named Gizem Bebek by our nurses, was reunited with her mother after 54 days. Vetin is now our baby too. As the Ministry, our support will always be with you,” the caption of the video read.

Since the video was shared, people started pouring in heartfelt messages

Yaseming and Vetin are the only two survivors from the family. The baby girl lost her father and two brothers due to the earthquake.

After such a terrible event, this happy news surely brings some much-needed joy.