There are times when I feel better about being done with school when I did. After NCERT announced a number of changes in the syllabus for class tenth, a number of people felt the same. Reportedly, the periodic table, democracy, and the theory of evolution have been removed from the class 10 curriculum.

NCERT - Class 10

NCERT also listed a number of reasons behind this decision – including difficulty level, overlapping content, and content irrelevant in the present context. Of course, this is shocking news, given that some of these topics are important for basic knowledge, awareness and logic. On the other hand, the elimination of the periodic table can tamper with students’ understanding of other topics in Chemistry.

Periodic Table

Earlier, scientists and educators had also written an open letter expressing concern over the rationalization. According to people, these updates are questionable. And now, people are discussing the many reasons why this is not the right decision.

Others are just expressing their liking for the periodic table.

The NCERT is clearly in their “element”.