Advertisements have a lot of impact, even with their short run time. So it’s also important that these advertisements do not send out any messaging that might be insensitive or irresponsible in any way. And people take notice when that happens – a recent example for which is the latest McDonald’s ad.

McDonald's Ad

The ad shows a guy buying a meal from McDonald’s, and a little romance (of sorts) between him and the woman staff member. As he places the order, he smiles at her and keep looking at her, when he eats his meal. When he’s done, he stands in line to order again – where he chooses to stand in the cash counter queue managed by the woman, even though there’s another counter that has no queue.

Ad enables concerning behaviour

This is to sell their McVeggie Meals at ₹179. And a number of people think that the concept of this ad is irrelevant, specifically when the message is concerning. The ad might enable behaviour that is wrong, by creating an unsafe environment for women workers.

Women's Safety

Of course, the scripted romanticization might not come across as unsafe or forced in the first look, but if such a situation is replicated in the real world, that would be uncomfortable. Wherein, such an ad could act as an enabler.

And Twitter raised the same concern.

Brands need to be more responsible with their actions, specifically with all the exposure.

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