Remember Hitler? Yes, that guy. We’ve read about the racism and the genocides in our history textbooks and also about his apparent past before World War II. Now, after knowing all of that, imagine reading or listening arguments that defend him. Ranveer Allahbadia did something of the sort in his recent podcast, and we don’t know how to feel about that.

The podcast host talked about Adolf Hitler in his recent chat with Abhijit Chavda. They talk about the impact that his politics created and the impact that other political leaders had on people in the past. Both Ranveer and Abhijit mention the atrocities of these leaders, but that’s where the discussion takes a weird turn. Beer Biceps or Ranveer states that Hitler was an evil man, “but who isn’t.”

“Let’s also talk about Adolf Hitler. There has to be a reason this person rose to power. I’m also strongly of the opinion that he was an evil man, I mean, who isn’t.”

Ranveer Allahbadia
Ranveer Allahbadia/Beer Biceps talks about Hitler

Of course, there’s context to the sentence – where they mention that Hitler was evil but there were more evil people. This almost minimizes the atrocity, though. Abhijit Chavda adds that Winston Churchill killed more Indians than Adolf Hitler killed Jews, and we only demonize Hitler. Now, comparing the two and measuring the “evilness” isn’t a discussion that should exist at all. And certainly, there are grey shades to such discussions, but nothing justifies comparing the number of people killed. It’s almost like comparing which type of marginalization is better.

“There are always shades of grey, it’s not all black and white. Of course, Hitler was evil, of course he was a monster. But he was not the biggest monster, he was not the biggest shark in the pond. Churchill was worse.”

Abhijit Chavda
Abhijit Chavda on the podcast to discuss World War II

This discussion didn’t sit well with people.

Watch the video here:

It will take some processing, but there’s no justifying this video.