Trigger Warning: The article contains mention of food disorders and starvation. Reader discretion is advised.

A woman from Belgorod, Russia underwent a drastic weight loss that was influenced by her husband’s words and his behaviour towards her. Yana Bobrova starved herself to the point of hospitalization after her husband passed a remark about her “plump cheeks.” She now weighs only 22 kg.

russian woman losing weight

Yana revealed her drastic weight loss journey on the Russian NTV show Beyond The Border. On the show, she revealed that after her husband passed a remark on her cheeks she was made to believe that she should lose weight. Yana was influenced by the idea of losing weight when she was at the university but her husband’s remark skewed her perception and made her go even further. She lost more than half of her body weight.

Yana, who stands at 5 feet 2 inches, shared the distressing details and revealed that her husband never intervened. Rather, he imposed restrictions on her social interactions and also made her quit her job. Later, he left her.


Expert nutritionists stated, “The body is eating itself. It ate all the muscles, the skin.” Currently, Yana is under medical care and is receiving therapy. While Yana did not name her husband or blame him, it raises an important issue of how men feel entitled to women’s bodies. Husbands are not entitled to their wife’s bodies. Women don’t owe anything to men.