In what could have been a landmark judgement to correct the wrongs done by society towards the queer community, the Supreme Court chose to not recognize same-sex marriages. According to the judgement passed by the five-judge bench headed by CJI DY Chandrachud, the Supreme Court said no to same-sex marriages and also denied queer couples the right to adopt a child. They left the matter in the hands of the legislature.

same sex

In a 3:2 judgment, the apex court refused to recognize same-sex marriages. The refusal didn’t result from their lack of acknowledgement of queer individuals but rather rose due to legal technicalities and apprehensions regarding judicial lawmaking. Nonetheless, people have been disappointed by the judgement. The eloquent statements passed by the CJI do not hold enough value when queers are not given the rights they asked for.

Many people took to social media to comment on how this judgment actually takes us way back in time rather than moving forward. Queers narrated their stories on social media. Here’s what queers have to say about the judgement online.

This was a truly sad judgment. We can only hope that things change in the future.