Climate change is real and global warming is one of the factors that contributes to it. Scientists say that human-caused emissions of carbon-di-oxide and other greenhouse gases have increased the average temperature of the Earth by 1 degree Celsius over the last 200 years. Trees are one of the important ways to curb these emissions in the air. While humans have been planting saplings, we can’t avoid the deforestation happening around us at the same time. Buildings have replaced forests and we have been experiencing a decline in air quality over a few recent years, especially in cities.

Source: DW

Now imagine what if we have an alternative to trees in urban areas? Yes! Serbia already has it. We are talking about liquid trees. Photos of these innovated tanks have caught our attention on Twitter.

A Twitter page called Yup That Exists (@yupthtexists) shared the pictures in which we can see liquid trees being installed in a public area. Dubbed as LIQUID 3, the tank is full of water and micro-algae.

Source: Twitter

“Scientists create Liquid Trees; a tank full of water and micro-algae that could be an alternative to trees in urban areas,” the post reads.

Here’s the tweet:

Twitter is divided over liquid trees:

While many netizens didn’t agree to this innovation, some supported the method.

Some of them cracked jokes about liquid trees and a few people even want to drink it.

According to the World Bio Market Insights, scientists from University of Belgrade in Serbia have developed these liquid trees to improve the quality of the air and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Reportedly, these tanks contain six hundred litres of water and single-celled freshwater micro-algae collected from ponds and lakes to bind CO2 and produce pure oxygen through the process of photosynthesis.

This algae is 10 to 50 times more efficient than trees. Scientists claim that the innovation tool is not a replacement of trees or forests. It is, in fact, a supplement to fill those gaps in cities where there is not enough space to plant trees, the report suggests.

Source: World Bio Market Insights

You can sit on its benches and charge your mobile phones from here. These liquid trees also have solar panels, through which the benches can be lit at night, the report says further.

LIQUID 3 is installed at the Municipality of Stari Grad in Makedonska Street in Belgrade where the concentration of CO2 emissions are the highest. It has been reportedly awarded one of the best innovative and climate-smart solutions by the Climate Smart Urban Development project, created by the United Nations Development Programme, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Serbia.