A society in Greater Noida has become the topic of discussion on social media after its RWA “requested” its residents to not wear lungis and nighties in common areas.

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Representative Image | Source: Hindustan Times

As reported by The Times Of India, the circular issued by Himsagar Apartment read, “Residents are requested that whenever you roam in the society at any time, you should pay special attention to your conduct and dress so that you do not give any chance to anyone to object to your behaviour. Your children also learn from you. Therefore, everyone is requested not to roam around wearing lungi and nighty, which are home wear.”

While the AOA had requested people verbally, later they decided to put it in writing and issue a circular. It all happened when some women complained about a senior citizen doing yoga wearing a lungi.

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Representative Image | Source: What’s Up Delhi

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This bizarre circular has sparked a lot of debate on social media. While some people applauded the decision, others called it elitist and classist. Many people also said that we have bigger issues to worry about in a residential society such as harassment, theft, water supply and whatnot rather than what people wear.

Here’s what they had to say.

We are, truly, living in strange times.

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