With ‘masaledaar’ headlines and click-bait thumbnails, there’s no doubt that journalism in our nation has now become a joke. While some information is credible, there is stuff that is so far-fetched that it seems to be written by a person under influence.

A social media account, @drunkjournalism, has assembled these hilarious posts. Take a look:


1. Now, this is just cringe as hell!

2. Chandrayaan ke saath-saath humare journalist bhi chaand pe pohoch gaye!

3. That’s a pickle.

4. Oscar mein hi bhej do?

5. That’s some ‘deep’ journalism in ‘bad’ weather.

6. Here are some live updates!

7. Senior: You have 5 minutes to make a news report.
Journalist: But how-
Senior: Go now!

8. The journalist had ONE job!


10. You are not alone, Mr. Lion!

11. Why should racers have all the fun?

12. And we thought Rahul Gandhi was a bachelor.

13. Humein bas itna confidence chahiye.

14. Bablu, Bablu, Bablu, bhaag gaya hai Bablu!

15. Of course. Priorities.

16. Safety measures >

17. *plays tattad-tattad in the background*

This entire account is absolutely hilarious!