Everytime someone says that reincarnation is a superstition, we just have two words for them, Baba Ramdev.  We believe Baba Ramdev is an inexplicable phenomenon, a universal one at that. So to prove our point, we scoured the Internet looking for his various “avatars”. Not to our surprise, we found that there exists several Baba Ramdevs, especially in Hollywood. And a couple in Bollywood.

Here are the many different avatars of our very own Baba Ramdev.

1. Baba Ramdev is Catherine Zeta Jones


2. Kareena Kapoor Khan Ramdev


3. Baba Voldemort


4. Ramdev stepping up as Channing Tatum


5. Mission Ramdev


6. Jennifer Lawrence – Never saw this pretty side of Baba Ramdev until now


7. Baba Ramdev in his Black Swan avatar


8. Baba Ramdev is Ironman


Need more convincing on that?


9. Baba Ramdev aka Eli Roth


10. Is it? Could it be?


11. Baba Ramdev is Magneto!


12. Baba Ramdev’s Denise Richards avatar.


13. Doctor of Yoganomics!


14. Baba Beyonce! Tonight, I”ll be a……forget it