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Jun 11, 2015 at 16:28

15 Brave Comic Panels That Bite The Hypocrisy Of Our Society In The Butt

by Tatsam Mukherjee

Sanitary Panels is known for its biting satire, as it illustrates the hypocrisy of the Indian society in a simple comic strip format. And yet it talks about matters so significant, that it is difficult to dismiss it as just another comic. Activist and Illustrator Rachita, balances the humor and the topical quotient of the comic to near perfection.

These are 15 of her best illustrations in our opinion. Take a look, and marvel at her brilliance:

You acted like a 'normal human being'? Congrats, want a pat on the back?

Excuse me, what condition?

Feminism 101.

On Net Neutrality.

Oh yes, thank you for being civilised.

Meninism? LOL!

Umm...I don't know why I said that?

How skewed is the public perception of 'socially acceptable'?

Nothing abnormal about my period.

Feminism? I don't understand it.

What the eff is a 'real woman'?

Tyler Durden was bang on!

What do you mean by 'not like the other girls?'

One word - Tyler.

Basic decency bro?

So cool no?

This article originally appeared on Vagabomb .

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