Did you hate Science in school? Then you/your school did it wrong. Science is amazing fun! It explains so many of the Universe’s secrets. For example: something as simple as why do you have tears in your eyes because of an onion?

Veggies like onions have sulphur deposits in them, and when these onions are chopped, the sulphur is emitted in the form of enzymes and then when they come in contact with the moisture in your eye, cause a burning sensation. But that’s not so interesting, is it?

Here are 16 cool experiments you wish you were taught in school:

1. Gallium melts at room temperature.

This metal has a melting point of around 29.5 degrees Celsius, so a slightly warm day or lukewarm water is enough to make it melt.


2. Dry Ice and water come together to make a cold, foggy cloud.

Dry Ice sublimes from its solid form to a gaseous state directly, and creates a cold, cloudy fog.

3. Sulfur Hexafluoride is such a dense gas, solid objects float and sink in it.

4. Burning ammonium dichromate is that same snake trick we pull every Diwali!

Looks kinda’ freaky, no?

5. White tin become brittle gray tin

White tin becomes a brittle and grayer version of itself when the temperature falls below 13 degrees Celsius.

6. Sulfuric Acid and sugar reacts to become this solidified smoke cloud.

Sulfuric acid dehydrates the sugar, leaving water and carbon behind in this column shape.

7. Snake venom mixed with blood.

This is why you die, the blood thickens to a semi-solid state.

8. Nitrogen triiodide is explosive dirt.

Walter White was bang on!

9. Lithium, when burned, looks like a coral.

10. A Magnet falling through a Copper pipe.

11. Flammable fluids in a jar.

Watch out for the spectacle!

12. Hydrogen Peroxide & Potassium Iodide leaves behind memories.

Like this.

13. Ferrofluid in a glass bottle.

Magnets attract iron-based compounds.

14. Water makes a bridge when electrocuted.

Passing electricity causes that the molecules in water stick to one other.

15. Blood with Hydrogen Peroxide.

Blood foams when it comes in touch with Hydrogen Peroxide, as it results in tissue destruction.

16. Rise and shine, food.

Wake up your Cuttle fish with some soy sauce. Even though the fish is dead, its tissues react to a stimuli from the salt in the soy sauce.

Go on then, run to your lab!