Being an Indian is all about having obsessions. You can’t be an Indian if you don’t have a severe case of OCD for at least one thing in your life. Be it for clothes, food, money, people or for yourself!

Here is a list of the most cliched ones.

1. Seeing our children become Doctors or Engineers.

2. We have an insatiable desire to please society in the name of “Log kya kahenge?”

3. Being fair. And lovely. All the time.

4. Having an accent or a killer bod. Or both.

5. A ‘hawt’ girlfriend by your side.

6. We’re crazy about labels and big brand names. Even if they spell “Alien Selly.”

7. Cricket.

8. Following fashion trends. Blindly.

9. The big fat Indian wedding. No one does grand better than us.

10. Never-ending TV shows, no matter how stale the plot might get.

11. Selfies. To be honest, this one’s borrowed. But like chowmein became chomin, the selfie has now become accepted, loved and over-done.

12. An M.N.C tag on your I- Card, ration card and greeting card. Everything and everyone must work for some corporation.

13. The percentage we get in our board exams haunts us for the rest of our lives.

14. Choosing science over humanities to maintain the family’s ‘standing’ among relatives.

15. We’re obsessed with the stars and kundlis decide our marriages.

16. Oh. This one’s new. But it’s already becoming a really annoying trend. Tattoos. Tattoos everywhere.

17. DSLR owners who click random photos of insects and rocks & expect 15000 likes on each image.

18. Free food, a.k.a, shaadi ka khaana.

19. Keeping an eye on everyone’s last seen on Whatsapp!

20. And of course! The eternal debate over virginity and pre-marital sex. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.