There’s Indian cinema and then there are our ‘desi’ flicks. The things that distinguish desi flicks from mainstream cinema are its aesthetically perfect movie posters, super-creative movie titles, a basic storyline, production value, star cast & the budget. After a lot of research, we have put together a list of ‘very creative’ low-budget movie posters that’s sure to bring out the movie buffs in you. OR NOT. In case you guys know of more, post it in the comments section!

1. Dostana prequel?

2. Need this in Blu Ray.

3. Every woman needs…a purana purush!

4. This is epic beyond words!

5. Is…is that a bear?

6. Digging the design on the knife!

7. Love her nails!

8. I’m guessing it’s got something to do with ghosts.

9. What’s that thing in the middle?

10. Someone get him a drink

11. Before there was kaal, there was mahakaal

12. Does that count as a threesome?

13. That’s no way for a lady to sit.

14. Superhisss movie!

15. This should be rereleased in Gurgaon!

17. SRK is looking a bit different.

18. The woman on the horse has an unusually large head.


20. OMG! Rajnikant??

21. Still kicks ass.

22. What the dak?

23. Jacob, is that you?