TV shows in the 90s were mesmerizing. They not just touched our hearts but were an integral part of our daily lives. In the days when Internet hadn’t spread its reach, there were no repeat telecasts and no way to save up the episodes to watch later, watching a serial meant following it religiously, beginning from the theme song. The opening music was not just delightful to the ears, but also kinda prepared us in advance for the drama that was about to unfold.

Unlike today’s television serials, shows in the ’90s were particularly famous for their catchy theme songs. Even if we wouldn’t watch the show, there were some theme songs we never failed to miss and hum later on. Here are theme songs of 16 popular television shows from the ’90s that will take you on a trip back in time.

1. Shrimaan Shrimati

The popular sitcom was particularly interesting because of its story line and spot-on comic timing of all the actors.

2. Dekh Bhai Dekh

We felt like a part of the Diwan family and felt much too obligated to discuss the life and problems of all three generations.

3. Hum Paanch

Who would have imagined that Vidya Balan, who played the nerdy and geeky Radhika Mathur, will grow up to be a successful Bollywood actress.

4. Just Mohabbat

One of the most enchanting shows that kept us glued to the television. It was one of the coolest shows and we clearly resonated with Jai.

5. Hip Hip Hurray

We took fancy to everything about the lives of this group of high school students. This was undoubtedly the favourite show we made sure not to miss.

6. Hasratein

This was a bold show where we saw the protagonist walk out of marriage as she finds love outside.

7. Surabhi

The theme song of Surabhi is one of the most pleasant music that filled us with excitement every time we prepared to watch the show.

8. Byomkesh Bakshi

The theme music of the Indian version of Sherlock Holmes was no less intriguing.

9. Chandrakanta

Chandrakanta caught our imagination with the love, war, scheming and magic- everything weaved together. The theme song was a hit.

10. Flop Show

Jaspal Bhatti’s flop show was the all-time favourite sitcom watched by the entire family together.

11. Aahat

This suspense thriller is a reason why most of us preferred to sleep with parents after having watched it.

12. Pal Chhin

The constant tug of war between the new and old, good and evil, made an interesting watch.

13. Malgudi Days

The opening music of Malgudi Days is as captivating as the stories of R. K. Narayan.

14. Woh

The opening music is terrifying and flat out scary. Remember?

15. Alif Laila

The music makes one nervous. But it is pure magic mixed with a trace of fear.

16. Raja Aur Rancho

The effortless chemistry between the detective and his assistant monkey made this show stand out among others. You can listen to the title track of Raja Aur Rancho here .

Enjoy reminiscence!