We are now at the most crucial period in every working individual’s life: the weekend. We all know we could do with a breather from all the seriousness of the week. And alcohol definitely helps here, with it’s magical quality of making people talk. Their talks need not be sensible at all, but it definitely makes the talkers more entertaining! Like these fine, distinguish ladies and gentlemen here:

1. When the President Of Pennsylvania speaks eloquence, we all adhere.

2. There’s poetry in the next four words.

3. The greatest problem of our time.

4. The precursor to “Are we there yet?”

5. Somebody tell this man that, “Sharing is caring”.

6. Mr. Tolkien sure seems to be chillin’ like a villian!

7. The question is: how bad is bad?

8. A fool and his alcohol buddies are soon parted. NOT.

9. This. Explains. Everything.

10. Mr. Fields and most of us would make good buddies, no?

11. You go, girl!

12. A complete meal? Sorta, yeah!

13. You totally have to say this in your best Homer Simpson impression!

14. So cool that a lady whose initials are DJ promotes JD. Surreal, almost.

15. This next one is going to rock your world!

16. Just don’t get a-salted, yeah?

17. So, do you?

18. If only this were true for more people than Winston Churchill!

19. Because so many “intellectual” conversations happen after a load of beer.

20. Jarod Kintz, bro, maybe you should slow down on the alcohol? No? Okay then.

21. “To drink, or not to drink?” was probably the original line Shakespeare thought of.

22. Amen to that, Ms. Heti! *stink eye to people who judge female drinkers*

23. Most people must think this, at some point of time.

24. The good feels in life.

25. Until you wake up the next morning, and say “What the fuck happened last night!”

Now, this is not an invitation to get wasted and be an asshole to others. Don’t be an irresponsible prick. Don’t be that person.