India’s favourite babuji is back. Albeit in a badass avatar this time. Our favourite kanyadan -loving- agarbatti -smelling babuji turned evil and called a woman ‘bitch.’ Here’s a step by step account of the drama that unfolded:

It all started on a sunny Sunday morning. PM Narendra Modi urged everybody to participate in the beti bachao andolan and tweet a selfie with their daughter.

Hey, that’s a great idea, thought everybody. And started tweeting selfies with their daughter.

It was all going great. Everybody was happy. Till activist Kavita Krishnan entered the arena with this tweet. And shit turned real.

Oh yes. And while some were out rightly crass with their insults like this one…

…Alok Nath being the sansakri babuji that he is, first re-tweeted this:

And then went full retard with this tweet of his .

Well, that escalated quickly. The good news is that babuji was prompt enough to take down that explosive tweet of his. The bad news is, that dude, you can never ever delete anything off the internet. Definitely not something as explosive as this.

To compensate for his folly, Alok Nath immediately replaced that tweet of his with a lovely selfie with his daughter.

Well, not exactly a selfie ’cause you can clearly see someone else taking the picture in that mirror.

And now, it was Kavita’s turn to get even.

Burn! Well, thanks to this entire episode, babuji’s sanskari image has definitely taken a beating. Tch tch tch! Even the memes beg to differ now!

Yeh aapne kya kiya babuji? But I guess like Deepika, it’s his choice. Jai ram ji ki.