‘Men are from Mars, women are from Venus’- a cliché that has still not lost its relevance. Women have always been a mystery to men, and men have never been able to wrap their heads around what the ‘fairer sex’ likes or dislikes. In their constant pursuit to understand women, men often make silly (and that is an understatement) assumptions. Such assumptions can ruin your first impression, sabotage a blind date, or even irritate your girlfriend. Let me throw some light on a few of them. And girls here’s a thought for the wise, it’s dangerous to preach but not practice. We are all people after all. Having said that, here are 10 painfully obvious things that turn women off:

1. That special ‘anatomical aroma’ that even a mother can’t love.

Men, please get it straight- bad body odour is a BIG turn off. You may not notice it on her face and she may not even directly say so, but when people find excuses to step away from you, please recognise the stinky elephant in the room. And girls, the same applies to you. So guys, add personal hygiene to your list of daily tasks, she would definitely reward it 😉

2. That constant feeling that the whole world revolves around you.

Hate to burst your bubble, but the world has many ‘other’ important things to take care of. You may be the most incredible and gifted person on this planet, but she will not appreciate a guy who essentially loves the image of himself. Do love yourself, but not to the extent that you may have to love yourself.

3. That incessant desire to show the world how macho you are.

Being confident about your manliness is good, but overdoing it is a serious turn off. To keep it simple, don’t be the one who’s always flexing his muscles, or telling the world how he lifts a gazillion pounds at the gym. Be physically fit, but don’t be socially unfit. Real confidence comes from within, and it shows.

4. That habit of walking around like a multi-brand advertisement.

You may have enough jewellery to embarrass the country’s gold reserve, or enough money to do an ‘Uncle Scrooge head dive’, but she won’t appreciate a guy who’s more interested in the brand of sneakers he is wearing, than what she has to say. It’s smart to tone it down a little, buddy. Simplicity goes a long way. Feel comfortable in your own skin, and carry yourself with confidence.

5. That tendency of acting like Uncle Sam’s stepchild.

Keep those ‘Yo’s’ and ‘Wassup’s’ in the sack. A fake accent is immediately recognizable and instantly repulsive. Life is not an offshore call centre, don’t treat it like one either. Stand out, but not for the wrong reasons.

6. That awkward dressing sense which makes her feel awkward.

Yes, fashion is a form of personal expression, but it doesn’t hurt to pay attention to what she might think about it. Your attire should fit the occasion and bring out your personality the right way. This doesn’t mean that you have to be red carpet ready all the time, but it is advisable to avoid those shiny shoes and skinny jeans. Whether it is a V Neck tee or a cool looking vest, keep it simple and carry it with confidence.

7. Faking it.

Are you trying to pull off that obviously fake designer watch as an original? Then stop right about now! If you can’t own it, the please don’t flaunt it. Believe it or not but even the best imitation looks fake. We like the real deal, so stop faking it and just be yourself.

8. Being a little too needy.

Yes we like the attention and we like giving you the attention, but that in no way means that we are willing to baby-sit you. The spotlight can’t always be on you. So please stop being so demanding. Be a man (and be her man).

9. Constantly telling us what to do.

We respect your opinions, but you should respect our opinions too. Now this might come off as a surprise but yes, we do have an idea of what we want (and don’t want). We are all for good suggestions but on the pretext of a suggestion, don’t try to control our lives! Be a bit more considerate towards her and don’t be a control freak.

10. That internal human fur coat that adorns your body.

Last but certainly not the least, body grooming and hygiene are extremely underrated as things that women care about in their guy. If you can judge us for missing a waxing appointment, get ready to be judged yourself.

Personal grooming is a personal matter, but if affects your better half more than you can imagine. It might just be the difference between turning her on and grossing her out. Use something appropriate and get rid of your ‘man-jungle.’

The rest of them are up to you to rectify, but if you are planning to do some ‘manscaping’, folks at Philips might have something in store for you. Their Body Groomer range will clear out the unwanted, and bring confidence, intimacy, acceptance, and most of all- hygiene in your life. Besides, the tree looks taller without the underbrush, doesn’t it?

Feature Image: tinseltowntattler

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