With Bigg Boss season 9 just around the corner, people just cannot wait for the contestants to be revealed. After all, it's all about the contestants. That's what the show is made up of. Amazing (read jobless) people with an even more amazing (read irritating) personalities.

And while we recently told you about the rumoured list of this season's contestants, a reader Nikunj Shah , sent us his very own list of people he'd like to see inside the house. Check 'em out.

1. Jasleen Kaur

'Bigg Boss chahte hain...'

'Ruk saale. Teri photo kheench ke tujhe arrest karwaati hoon!'

Source: The Indian Talks

2. Sarvjeet Singh

'Say cheese!''No.'

Source: The Quint

3. Indrani Mukerjea

Source: ABP Live

4. Arnab Goswami

'Bigg Boss Chahte hain..'

'Kya chahte hain? Kyun chahte hain? The nation wants to know!'

Source: India Opines

5. Sreesanth

Source: Cruiser

6. Digvijay Singh

Source: Indiafacts

7. Sanjay Dutt

'Parole chahiye.'

'Kyun?''Bigg Boss mein jaana hai.'

Source: Magna Mags

8. Poonam Pandey

'Agar main jeet gayi, toh main strip karoongi'

'Abey jaa, pagal mat bana.'

Source: Hot celebrity

9. Mia Khalifa

Source: Mia Khalifa

10. Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Source: Hot starz

11. Radhe Maa

I'll win because I'm pure and pies.

Source: Wiki News

12. Arvind Kejriwal

Source: Faking News

13. Sajid Khan

Source: Desi Martini

14. Harshali Malhotra

Source: ABP Live

15. Michael Clarke

Source: Playbuzz

Now THAT looked interesting!