We recently came across a Hippo chair, and that got us wondering about the most bizarre places to rest our posterior. Following are the 25 most interesting options we came across (and secretly vowed to buy):

1. The Upright Bed: Because sleeping on your back is too mainstream

2. The Book Bed: To a bookworm’s delight

3. Animal chair: When you need those antlers

4. Bookcase lounge: Surround yourself with books, literally

5. Burger bed: Jump!

6. Coffin Couch: Where the guests won’t sit

7. Cutlery chair: Game of Forks?


9. Forever Alone Bed: Gift for self, next Valentine’s Day

10. Marathon Pod: For those endless marathons on weekends

11. Hairy Stool: Has our curiosity and now the attention

12. Human-shaped Easy Chair: Sit on its lap!

13. Mona Lisa Chairs: When you feel like sitting on Mona Lisa’s face

14. Octopus chair: Someone gonna get strangled tonight

15. Leggy Chair: Drawing room erotica!

16. Only for Men Chairs: Amazed at the attention to detail

17. Panda Chair: When you need a panda to comfort your bum

18. Pencil Chair: The pointy stuff, ouch!

19. Rope Chairbed: Resting your ass on a large coil of rope

Conceptually simple and so comforting. Resting your ass on a rather large coil of rope!

20. Scorpion & Cobra Chairs: So much cool!

21. Sheep chairs: For the sheep lovers or the sheep haters?

22. Snuggly Chair: A well-cushioned spot to snuggle

23. Steel Chair: Who will sit on this during winter?

24. Swirl Bar Stool: Retro wood work for the Bar

25. Soft Red-Ball Bed: Just dive in man!


Zaraa tashreef rakhiye na!