From car chases to sad endings, from the hero killing a 100 people in one go to the villain having powers beyond imagination, from 2 men fighting against a tyrant to a comedy ending we can’t even fathom. Bollywood is known for its drama but better known for being overdramatic. Having said that, what better way is there to cure a person than following the regular medical protocol? The answer has been in front of us all this while. Do not fear, Dr Bollywood is here. Here are some hilarious ways in which Bollywood movie characters were cured miraculously:

1. Ashok Kumar in Clerk (1989) – A song is all a patriot needs to rise from his death bed.

We don’t need to invest in medical research facilities for heart attacks. Here are the ingredients to help save a person: a battery, an old tape recorder and a patriotic song. Yes, this is what cured Ashok Kumar when he was about die of a heart attack in this movie.

2. Madhoo in Diya Aur Toofan (1995)- All she needed was dead Mithun’s brain to be transplanted into her head.

Madhoo, who suffers severe brain damage gets a new brain, (which was stored in an oven by the way). And once the ‘brain transplant’ happens, she wakes up as Mithun but in Madhoo’s body. Oh and the first thing he notices is his clothes!

3. Akshay Kumar in Rowdy Rathore (2012)- Rain drops cure his overheated brain.

Akshay Kumar has a weird illness. His brain heats up from time to time causing him to faint. But all the incapacitated Akshay needs is a few rain drops that not only wake him up but make him stronger. He then kicks the shit out of all the goons who were beating him.

4. Arbaaz Khan in Hello Brother (1999)- A deadman’s heart that made him hallucinate.

Arbaaz Khan who is shot and about to die gets the heart of Salman Khan who is shot and already dead. He can then not only see Salman but also falls in love with the girl Salman loved (Of course because it is Salman’s heart).

5. Bhoomika Chawla in Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha (2004)- Words of love brings her back from the dead.

When Salman’s lover dies, her heart is donated to Bhoomika. She falls in love with Salman too (Again, because it is his ex-lover’s heart). When Sallu gets to know he automatically falls for Bhoomika as well. But Bhoomika suffers from a heart attack and is dead. However, as soon as Salman confesses his love for her , it brings her back from the beyond.

6. Mahaakshay Chakraborty in Jimmy (2008)- A blow to the head blows the tumour away.

Mahaakshay Chakraborty is diagnosed with brain tumour. But like any protagonist in Bollywood films, he decides to soldier on and gets hit during a fight sequence. That blow is so amazing that it makes his tumour go away. Chemotherapy suffered a larger blow after this happened.

7. Nirupa Roy in Amar Akbar Anthony (1977)- Gravity defying blood from 3 random blood groups cures her injuries.

Nirupa Roy meets with an accident. When she needs blood, three brothers, who don’t know they are brothers or the fact that she is their mother, give her blood together. So basically coincidence saved her. Coincidence that their blood groups were same, their blood could defy gravity and travel ‘up’ into the bottle without any machine and go into her stream directly.

8. Mithun Chakraborty in Billa No. 786 (2000)- A snake bite cured by a snake.

When a group of goons kill Mithun via snake bite. His body is lying by the road. But then a miracle happens. The snake comes back to suck the venom out of Mithun who then comes back from the dead after spending a few hours on the other side.

9. The baby in 3 idiots (2009)- All izz well is all the baby needed.

Mona Singh has a stillborn baby. But as soon as everyone starts saying ‘all is well’, the baby suddenly starts kicking and is saved.

10. Random guy in random movie- An injection that was perhaps heroin (not sure) but helps cure the bullet wound that may have killed him.

We don’t know the actor or the movie but this scene is too good to be left out. The guy is on the doctor’s table with a bullet wound that may prove fatal. He is then injected with a substance that takes him to a world where there are girls dancing around in the sunset and he is happier than ever. What a cure! The drug however, is still unknown.

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