Urmila Saxena, a resident of Kausalpuri, Kanpur was on her way to the temple when she fell victim to a chain snatching incident. Naturally, she decided to report the matter and register an FIR. Unfortunately though, Saxena’s request put the police in a tizzy.

Upon receiving information and reaching the spot, the police were surprised to discover that the accused was actually a monkey!

Kanpur Police is reasonably confused by the complaint. Akhilesh Gaur, station In-charge, Nazirabad Police Station told IndiaToday :

“If a person had snatched the chain then an FIR would have been registered, but we do not know against which monkey should a case be lodged”

For now, the Municipal Corporation has been asked to conduct drives to catch monkeys and put a stop to the menace. Meanwhile, we’re pretty sure the monkeys are enjoying the show!