Are you offended with the title of this article? Don’t be. Let’s set a few things straight:

1. All men do NOT cheat on their girlfriends. Some do.

2. Cheating isn’t peculiar to men. Some women also cheat on their boyfriends.

Cheating needs no gender. Having said that, generalizing is never advised, but as we grow up, sometimes it’s good to be able to read people. The surprise factor might be lost, but you can gain good insight and avoid a lot of potential problems, especially when it comes to relationships.

Disclaimer: This article is based on the experiences of people the author has spoken to. These are in no way meant to be accurate generalizations.

1. Girls who are bored easily

They probably just don’t want to settle down, so it’s not that bad.

2. Girls who are never clear about what they want

She probably gives strange answers to simple questions.

3. Girls who are materialistic

Does she love the gifts you buy her more than she loves you?

4. Hypocritical girls

Maybe they aren’t cheating on you, but it’s hard to trust them when they say one thing and mean something else.

5. Girls who are just getting out of a serious relationship

Chances are, they’re probably still hung up on someone else.

6. Girls with low self-esteem

They try to make up for it by constant validation via their partners.

7. Girls who never tell you who they’re with

Pretty much a dead giveaway.

8. The girl who cheated on her old boyfriend with you

She’ll probably do it again.

9. Girls who are afraid you’re cheating on them

Doubt can be a terrible thing, and so can the desire for revenge.

10. Girls who think flirting is harmless

It is… in very few cases.

11. Girls who treat you like their dirty little secret

If you’re in a healthy relationship, you should be socializing with each other’s friends circle with ease.

12. Girls who see themselves as better than you

If they’re straight up snobs, then they’ll probably get bored of you pretty easily.

Never take things lying down!

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