Let’s come straight to the point! No offence to other girls but the crazy ones are simply a notch better girlfriends. They live for the extremes and no mountain too high or river too deep can come in their way. And much like everything else, they love with an equal passion. They always give their all and never settle for less.

If you’re lucky enough to ever date someone this amazing, you’d know these 18 points make complete sense:

1. For starters, your love life is never going to be boring.

They know exactly what to do to keep things interesting.

2. Spending hours with them is a clear cake walk.

You might as well scrape the word “boring” off your dictionary because it ain’t happening .

3. Their spontaneity adds just the right amount of quirk to your life.

4. They’re wild, even in their ways to love. Nothing mediocre.

They redefine “crazy in love” and show their love to you in the most incredible ways.

5. And let’s not forget the perks of the bedroom because their definition of exploring will put even Vasco da Gama to shame.

6. You can freely talk to them about all your weird fetishes and experiences that no other person would get.

They don’t judge you. In fact, chances of them sharing a bunch of their own are more.

7. They’re open to new experiences and adventures.

Whether it’s going to a new place or cliff jumping or gulping in a million tequila shots, they’d go for it and anything else you’d propose without questions.

8. There is always something new for you to discover about them/with them.

They’re explorers, always in search for fascinating things. With each passing day, they find something new or learn something new. And thanks to them, so do you.

9. They have a bag full of plans you can count on anytime, anywhere. And come with endless party invites and jugaads.

10. They flaunt their individuality spotlessly. Why fake it just to go with the world?

From their dressing styles to their spunky attitude, every thing speaks for their individuality.

11. They don’t change themselves for you or expect the same.

If they love you, they love you for who you are. Nothing more, nothing less.

12. No silly tantrums and double-meaning conversations to deal with. They’re straightforward and speak their minds pitilessly.

13. They have fun, quick fixes to all your problems.

Feeling low? Call them. Do something insane. And all’s well.

14. They’re not afraid to tell you when you’re wrong. Or abuse the crap out of you if need be.

Yes, they like to take it easy most often but if you’re being a total nutcase, they’ll let you know bluntly how they feel and most often warn you before you jump into the well.

15. You will rarely find them complaining about their life. They have no regrets, only experiences.

No endless telephone sessions of them bickering about their ex boyfriends and you not caring. You only have kick-ass, meaningful conversations.

16. They don’t make their life your life.

You get adequate space for yourself without feeling bound to anything.

17. When they’re into you, they’re in it for real, with all their heart and soul.

That’s the thing about craze. It never runs out of passion and interest.

18. Most importantly, they teach you the true art of living: live every moment to the fullest and simply have fun!

Where else will you find a complete package of fun, passion, confidence and quirk? Crazy ones ride along with you until the end of the road. And beyond!

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