We’ve all had some embarassing things on our CVs in the past and some of us have even had to go through other people’s resumes. The world is a large place however, and there’s no dearth of people walking that fine line between creative genius and borderline nutcase. That’s something that shows in their letters however. Whether it’s the struggle for originality or just plain stupidity, one will never know, but check out these ridiculous job searching wonders.

1. One guy ended his cover letter with “Attached please find my resume and a picture of a llama.”

Here’s that llama –

2. “I am only six but I think I can do this job, I have an electrick (sic) train track. I am good on my train track. I can control two trains at once.”

A 6 year old kid became the Director of fun at the National Railway museum in New York after applying for a job there. Success kid!

3. “Objective: To dive into a swimming pool of gold coins like Scrooge McDuck”

…And crack your head open.

4. “Achievements : Consolation prize in tug of war”

No way, I love tug of war!

5. “I am a Swiss Army knife.”

This guy got the job!

6. A person looking for a summer internship in physics in foreign universities wrote:”Best counter strike player in the institute (IIT Bombay)”.

7. A man employed as a bouncer at a bar put his job title as “drama mitigation specialist.”

8. Achievements : “Seeded every torrent that I’ve downloaded.”

9. This guy

10. A fresh graduate had this on her resume:

Height: 5’4′ without shoe

Eyeball: Black

11. Hobbies : “Really can’t mention them on the resume.”

12. “Skipped 111 times in a minute to consolidate the 2nd position in the Limca Book of Records contest at Mood Indigo.”

13. Achievements: “Blood Donation”

14. Languages known : “English, Hindi, C, Java, Sarcasm”

Thanks to Quora for these gems.

Gifs from Giphy