For starters, let’s be clear. Drinking in your early 20s is way different from your late 20s no matter how desperately we want them to be the same. It’s like hitting puberty in our ‘drunk’ lives. We undergo some major cheminal locha and boom, everything changes. Times change, we change and so do our drinking habits. These 20 points perfectly explain how:

1. Early 20s: Let’s do them shots. Bring it on!

Late 20s: Whiskey on the rocks, please.

2. Early 20s: It’s happy hours, man. Chal chalte hain !

Late 20s: Let’s just chill after work if there’s time?

3. Early 20s: Some fries, more daaru.

Late 20s: Can I get a beef/chicken steak to go with XYZ?

4. Early 20s: *10 pegs down in one hour*

Late 20s: A couple of pegs, a couple of hours or more!

5. Early 20s: *looks at the menu* Aaj kya peeyu ? Beer/vodka/scotch?

Late 20s: *To the bartender* The usual!

6. Early 20s: Whoa, let’s mix it up today!

Late 20s: Tequila + Beer + Rum = Disaster.

7. Early 20s: Drinks every day. Looks hot as ever.

Late 20s: Drinks? *looks at the pot belly* Sure, why not?

8. Early 20s: He/she doesn’t drink. How uncool is that?

Late 20s: You quit drinking? Nice, man! Good control.

9. Early 20s: Too drunk to go back home and face parents.

Late 20s: Too drunk at home.

10. Early 20s: The party don’t start till I walk in… at 1 A.M. *drinks all night*

Late 20s: Eh, let’s just hangout somewhere nice? Got work in the morning.

11. Early 20s: I’m broke. Not happening today.

Late 20s: I’m broke. But I might have a couple of bottles back home.

12. Early 20s: Home alone for the weekend! BYOB! Let’s bring the roof down!

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Late 20s: Ah, finally some alone time. *opens a bottle of wine/scotch*

13. Early 20s: Bar fight means… Fight fight fight!!!

Late 20s: Bar fight means… Ugh! Not again. Relax man?

14. Early 20s: Drank too much *pukes*

Late 20s: Drank too much. Why am I still not drunk?

15. Early 20s: Shows up drunk at college. Has an epic time with buddies.

Late 20s: Shows up drunk at work. Gets fired.

16. Early 20s: We have to go out drinking today. It’s Ladies Night!

Late 20s: Not today, man. Let’s go out tomorrow. Or day after. Or after that…

17. Early 20s: *Dhikchik dhikchik* Free drinks! Let’s partayyyy!

Late 20s: Too much noise! Let’s buy booze and go back to my place.

18. Early 20s: Drunk fights with friends = friendship over.

Late 20s: Ye phir shuru ho gaya/ho gayi! Chill kar yar! We’ll talk tomorrow.

19. Early 20s: Screw you hangover! *Bottoms up* (3 days in a row)

Late 20s: F***! Can’t take this shit anymore. Need a detox!

20. Early 20s: Dozes off at the backbench. *Hangover*

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Late 20s: Shit! How the hell do I work today?

It’s hard to tell which phase is better. What do you guys think?