It’s a known fact that we’re at our creative best when we’re drinking with friends. A few pegs down, we make all sorts of plans from starting our own business together to travelling the globe. It doesn’t matter if we get around to fulfilling them, the important part is to make these plans.

Here are 10 plans we make when we’re sloshed:

1. “Let’s go to the club and pick up chicks!”

Let’s face it! This works out well in the movies but never in real life!

2. “Let’s take a bike trip to Ladakh.”

Not impossible of course but so not happening and you know it!


3. “How about a road trip around the country?”

Yeah right! We can’t pull off Point No. 2 but we’re going to cross country!

4. “We’ve been working too much. Let’s take a holiday!”

Goa and the North East feature a lot in these plans but we end up going nowhere.

5. “Forget Goa! Let’s go abroad!”

The more pegs we have, the more ambitious our plans get. Amsterdam, Thailand and Bangkok get mentioned in these plans!

6. “You know what, let’s book tickets right away and leave now!”

Obviously, we just keep talking and don’t book any tickets. 2 hours later, we’ll all have passed out right where we are!

7. “Let’s quit our jobs and travel the world.”

Like I said, the more drinks we have, the more ambitious we get!

8. “Let’s start our own cafe/lounge/restobar/restaurant!”

Depending on where we’re sitting and drinking, we look around and get inspired by the ambience!

9. “All of us should start our own company!”

Obviously! With the number of movies we watch and the stories we hear about startups, the thought of our own business will cross our minds!

10. “Let’s all not get married so that we can continue chilling like this!”

Next thing you know, we’re getting married one by one!