Update: The policeman was not drunk but had earlier suffered a stroke. We should have verified our sources and stand corrected. Click here to read the updated story. 

Remember how we always want our Delhi police to stay near us and give us a sense of protection always? Well recently, metro commuters got this wish fulfilled when they found a cop travelling with them. Albeit in a slightly tipsy manner.

Amit Thakur

Was he doing the right thing by travelling in the Metro? I mean, he shouldn’t have driven himself home, right?

And he doesn’t create a ruckus either. But isn’t it disrespectful to be drunk in uniform?

And at the same time, isn’t it prohibited to click photos and do video recording inside the Delhi Metro?

Since the topic is open to many conclusions, we leave it up to you. Check out the video right here and be the judge.

My great delhi police….I proud on it.

Posted by Amit Thakur on Friday, 21 August 2015