You see & hear about them quite often, in the news, on TV, movies et al. However we decided to go down memory lane & dig out rare, unseen pictures of these famous personalities & surprise you guys. And to be honest, we got surprised ourselves! What a difference few years can make.

1. Alok Nath – Sanskari? Me? Kabhi Nahi.

2. Anupam Kher – Dr. Dang in the making.

3. AR Rahman – Rah’boy’ to Rah’man’.

4. Arnab – Who’s that boy? The nation wants to know.

5. Kejriwal – Wonder if he was CM (class monitor) then as well?

6. Asha Bhosle – Melody never ages.

7. Vajpayee – Reading headlines to making them.

8. Bappi: – Bappi Dude to Bappi Da.

9. Gulzar – From a young writer to a Master Penman.

10. Indira Gandhi – From behind the curtain to leading the nation.

11. Lata – The nightingale was just beginning to fly.

12.Advani – the teen years.

The youth.

13.MSD – Bade ho kar mein helicopter chalaunga.

14. Modi – NaMo’s formative years.

15. Dravid – The Wall under Construction.

16. Shastri – Didn’t look like a big talker back then.

17. Sonia Gandhi – Italian momma to Rahul’s momma.

18.Yash Chopra – “Darr” ke aage Jeet hai.

19. Yuvraj – Attention Grabber even at that age.

19. Amrish Puri- Mogambo in his twenties.