It’s never been easy being a student in India. Starting from class 10th, It’s basically a series of one high profile exam after another. And none are a high profile as the entrance exams for the country’s prestigious government and private colleges. Entrances exams have become a sort of rite of passage into adult-hood for young Indians across the country. Almost every one of us have given one at some point of time. And here are the things we faced when we did.

1. It’s the first time you participate in the rat race. For real.

When a 1000 people vie for the same seat, it’s called a rat-race. Plain and simple.

2. It’s also the first time you’re introduced to the Quota system.

It is not a pleasant introduction.

3. Starting coaching classes.

Just as you’re celebrating the end of school life and looking forward to college life, you’re admitted to a coaching centre and asked to prepare for “War.”

4.Trying to make sense of “coaching.”

Coaching centers are not like school. And they’re not like college. They’re not like office. They’re somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

5. Acting like a boss when you get your study material.

Your coaching centres take entrance exams very seriously. So they give you colourful stacks of study material and practice books. You feel scared but determined at the same time.

6. Feeling like you’re participating in the Hunger Games.

When you’re preparing for an entrance exam, no one is a friend. Everyone is competition. And then there’s always that one nerd in your class who knows it all.

7. Dealing with pressure from your parents.

‘Sharmaji ka beta’ starts getting mentioned way too often at your place. You only wish that he’d stop being so awesome so that you could live in peace.

8. Struggling with homework, again.

Just when you heave a sigh of relief that you won’t have to do “home-work” again, you’re piled with assignments, mock tests and exercises.

9. Juggling dates and forms for hundreds of colleges.

You keep a diary to remember the dates of every exam you’re supposed to appear in. of course, every college has a different registration process.

10. Being jealous of your friends who got into D.U.

Those lucky bastards…

11. Partying like a maniac once you’re through.

If there’s a feeling that can come close to climbing Everest, it is when you finally finish your last exam. It’s party time!