Some love them and some hate them. But let’s face it, selfies are here to stay whether we like it or not. And with everybody being shutter-happy, the trick is to make sure that you’re taking selfies that the world will sit up and take notice of. So, not the one where you are flaunting your six-pack. Not the one where you are posing with your dog. And definitely, not the one where you are showing your duck face! It’s time you took some lessons in the art of self-portraiture! Whether it’s for the courage or the craziness displayed, we think you’ll agree that these 20 selfies have definitely raised the bar of epic-ness:

1. The “I Love To Hangout With The Sharks” Selfie.

Source: Telegraph

2. The “Who Wants To Come To My Party?” Selfie.

Source: Brainjet

3. The “Somebody Is Gonna Get A Hurt Real Bad” Selfie.

Source: Brainjet

4. The “Mayday! Mayday! We’re going down!” Selfie.

Source: CBC

5. The “Don’t Worry, I Am Not Going To Jump” Selfie.

Source: 500px

6. The “I Just Jumped From 10,000 feet” Selfie.

Source: GadgetPics

7. The “We’re In Love With Each Other” Selfie.

Source: DeviantArt

8. The literally Out-Of-The-World Selfie.

Source: Telegraph

9. The “I’m On A Holiday!” Selfie.

Source: PansyPanda

10. The “I Should Be Watching The Road” Selfie.

Source: PansyPanda

11. The “I Am On Top Of The World!” Selfie.

Source: PansyPanda

12. The “I’m Gonna Get So Many Girls After This” Selfie.

Source: PansyPanda

13. The “You Can’t One Up This Duck-Face” Selfie.

Source: SzaFunia

14. The “Fire In The Hole!” Selfie.

Source: Telegraph

15. The “I’m Love Hanging Out With Jesus” Selfie.

Source: PetaPixel

16. Cause only cats look cute while snapping a selfie from an iPad!

Source: Pinterest

17. The “It’s Ski Time!” Selfie.

Source: Brit

18. The selfie that costed this girl about $1,500 after all the fines!

Source: Reddit

19. The “I Hope I Don’t Puke After This” Selfie.

Source: Pinterest

20. The “Who Can Forget This?” Selfie.

Source: Twitter

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