Queen Elizabeth once said, “If you love an Army Officer, raise your glass. And if an Army Officer loves you, then raise your head and walk like a Queen!” Here are a few things only a soldier’s girlfriend will understand.

1. The abbreviation, “DLTGH” actually means a lot to you.

2. You start eating full N.D.A (National Defence Academy) style, even when he is not around!


3. This is how you feel about girls who cry about how they didn’t see their boyfriend for a day.

4. Your heart jumps to your mouth every time you hear about an attack on forces deployed at the border.

5. The songs from L.O.C, Border et all really resonate with you.


6. You’re familiar with terms like “josh type, civilian, ragda, cream rolls” etc.


7. You get used to hearing “Ma’am” from every friend of his you have the pleasure of meeting.


8. When your friends talk about dancing, all you can think about are the balls you attended with him.


9. You have finally learned how to act like a “LADY.”

10. You keep counting the days till he returns and cancel everything just to be with him.

11. When he hugs you before he leaves, it breaks your heart. But when he hugs you when he comes back, your heart grows 5 sizes.

12. Your phone is glued to your face most of the time.

13. Even after dating him for years, you’ve hardly met him, what, 20 times?

14. You don’t even mind going old school and writing a letter or two.


15. But even when he is away, other army girlfriends come together and become your pillar of support.

16. That one unexpected call every now and then makes your day.

17. You get one more thing to celebrate along with birthdays and anniversaries. LEAVES!

18. Your newspaper reading priorities gradually change. The first thing you check for now are reports of cease-fire violations at the borders.

19. In an age of torrents, you actually keep DVDs of movies the both of you like and watch them all together.

20. You struggle to find clothes for him that will make him look as good as he does when he’s wearing his uniform.


21. When he’s away, you’re as hardcore as Sarah Connor from the Terminator series. When he’s around, you’re like a crazy hyper active child.

22. “THIS TOO SHALL PASS” has become your life’s mantra.


23. The stars on his shoulders look more majestic than the stars in the sky.

24. Even though his job is dangerous, tough and takes him away for long periods of time, you’re still fiercely proud of who he is and what he does.

Being in love with a soldier is not easy. It never was. But remember, more than you need him, he needs you.

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