Getting work done is a pain in the butt. I wish there was a way that you could just text someone and they would do it for you. For free, of course! Guess what? I found an app that does just that. Haptik is a personal assistant app that houses an army of real people, solving real problems in real time over chat. It’s available on the App Store and Play Store .

But you know, Indians can get awkward asking for help. Check out these funny conversations Indians had with Haptik assistants.

1. That’s gotta buuuuurrrn!

2. The world’s first IIN dropout.

3. He wanted bae, he asked for bhel .

4. Zombies ate his brains.

5. His gogals make me giggle.

6. Well played!

7. Keep it clean, guys!

8. Size DOES matter.

9. Beta, padhai pe dhyaan do.

10. He be trippin’.

Don’t be stuck in the past, a lot of your issues could be fixed with Haptik. At least the sensible ones. They’ll try. A free personal assistant that can help me get shit done via chat? Hell yeah!

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