Being a professional in today’s corporate world is not easy. It’s hard enough that many of us have to deal with horrible bosses on a daily basis, but sometimes, the pressure of work reaches such a pinnacle that we are bound to commit some silly goof ups that can land us in trouble. Things like;

1. That awkward moment when you hit ‘Reply All’ on a mass email sent by the CEO.

Now everyone in the office knows your inside joke.

2. When you criticize the boss in front of the wrong person.

You wanted to vent to your friend but vented to your boss’s friend instead.

3. Nothing is more embarrassing than printing all pages of a 60 page presentation instead of the one that you actually needed.

“Oops” on a gigantic level.

4. Forgetting to shut your personal browsing window before plugging your laptop into a projector.

Now your colleagues know what you search for in your free time.

5. Getting caught yawning in the middle of a conference.

A boring conference would seem like a shallow excuse.

6. Sending your boss a text that was meant for your girlfriend.

This is almost as bad as saying “I love you” before ending a work call.

7. Tripping on your own shoe lace…

In front of the whole office. #EpicFail

8. Adding the wrong person to the group chat you have with your friends.

And the wrong person being your boss! #Awkward

9. Forgetting to put your phone on silent during a serious meeting.

Imagine your ringtone was ‘Baby Doll Main Sone Di” and the meeting was a quarterly team review.

10. Spilling water on your pants before a big meeting.

There is no way you can escape from this. You will be either nicknamed “Peevert” or “Klutz Kumar”.

Even though most of these mistakes are unintentional, they can land you in a soup. So, before you come to the point where you have to say, #LagGayiVaat , it’s better to be prepared with rather than being sorry!
Feature Image Source: Filmy Beat

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