Pujo Pujo Pujo, that’s all you hear every Bengali talking about this time of the year. Yes, we are freaking out. It’s our biggest festival and we wait for it all year!

But can you imagine that it wasn’t just the Bongs who are going all gaga over pujo? What if the Game Of Thrones characters were also equally excited. What would Joffery be wearing for Ashtami ? And how would their family anjali look like? Can the north and the south pull off the excitement as well as we do it?

That’s exactly what the the excited Bengalis at BONGfeed.com figured!

Through a series of GOT posters, they tried to replicate how our favorite characters would pull off the the Bong pujo sentiments through the festival. And they got it spot on. Check it out!

It all starts will the demands… New clothes are a MUST!

But the women always get it right!

And the fund contributions… during pujo, charity begins at your doorstep!

A few dilemmas to deal with..

And the excitement begins!

And then the action starts, too many pandals to cover!

But the crowds! And everyone want to go first..

It’s not about how much you splurge, if you’re not a little stingy you don’t get the ‘bong thing’ right.

Speaking of “bong things” family anjali is a must!

And being dressed for the occasion might be a good idea…

After all the guys have the best time checking out babes…

Pujor shaaj definitely makes them look like live goddesses!

But you don’t always get what you want..

So you can always look for greener pastures..

But some people are never satisfied!

As the days pass by, Bhashan Dance is always on our mind!

But all good things come to an end. Greetings for Bijoya!

And it’s time for the probashis to return to work

But hold your horses! There’s still time this year… And the excitement is stored!

So let’s get ready and buck up with the preps… It’s not winter, this time Pujo is coming!